Transferring royalties

If you are the owner of the royalties of an NFT you can transfer the ownership of it to another account with the Transfer button. After the transfer, all royalties paid through sales on this NFT will go to the new account of the royalties owner.

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Once you clicked on the Transfer button, a new pop-up open to select which Transfer you like to do.

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After clicking on Transfer royalties you can enter the account you like to transfer the ownership of it.

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👍 Good to know The account address will be checked - only valid and active account can retrieve the onwership of the royalties.

Once you have clicked on "Continue", a final pop-up from the XT-Wallet will appear. It shows the associated network fee you need to pay to execute the transfer. ( 0.32 Signa) Sign the transaction to transfer the royalties.

Updated 03 Jul 2022
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