Creating a collection

NFTs can be sold as single items or within a collection. Only the creator of a collection can add NFTs to it. A collection has its own background image, description, and optional webpage and/or social channel link. Within the collection, attributes on NFTs are calculated by rarity.

Upload the collection information

Start the process to add a new collection by clicking the Create button on the top of the portal. Select creating a collection.

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On the next page you can enter the details for your collection

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  • Name You can set a Collection name of up to 32 characters.
  • Description Tell everyone what the collection is about. Up to 384 characters.
  • Official Website If you want to share a website for the collection, put it here.
  • Social Platforms If you want to share a social platform for the collection, put it here.
  • Collection Banner This is the background image of your collection page.When you select one, it will be uploaded to the Pinata Cloud. Recommended size is 1600 x 350 pixels and the maximum size is 10 MB for the upload.

With Preview Collection you can check the details before storing it on the blockchain. Finalize the creation by clicking the Create a collection button. In the XT-Wallet you need to confirm the collection creation on the Signum blockchain. For the transaction, there is a Signum Network fee of only 0.05 Signa. After 4 to 8 minutes, your collection will be stored and ready to use.

⚠️Important note Once you have transmitted the collection settings to the Signum chain, these values are immutable, you can no longer edit or update this information.

Updated 02 May 2022
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