On the NFT page you can get full details about the item with all activity and history about the NFT.

Upper area
Upper area

In the upper area you can access the following information:

  • NFT media
  • Nunber of Likes Any user can like the NFT with a transaction to the NFT as a contribution to the creator.
  • Creator This is the creator of the NFT. You can click on the profile to see more information.
  • Owner This is the current Signum account which owns the NFT.
  • Royalties The Royalties owner address which receives the royalties from each trade. The royalties percentage is configured by the creator when minting the NFT.
  • Royalties Owner The Royalties Owner of the NFT. This can be a regular address or another contract in case the royalties are shared among multiple entities.
  • Collection Collection Name if the NFT belongs to one, otherwise empty.
  • Contract ID The NFT smart contract ID that is stored on the Signum blockchain.


Attributes are set by the creator of the NFT. If the NFT is within a collection the rarity of each attribute is calculated based on the number of NFTs and the given attributes.

Rarity levels
Rarity levels

The attributes have the follwoing meaning:

  • Comon (White)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Exceptional (purple)
  • Legendary (gold)
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In the lower area you can access the history of the NFT:

  • Information Overview about selling, last price, and volume activities.
  • Event History Overview about all events related to this NFT.
  • Price History A price chart of all sales on this NFT.

When the NFT belongs to a collection you can also see other NFTs from the same collection on the bottom of the page.

Updated 06 May 2022
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