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To trade on the NFT-portal, you'll first need to initialize your wallet. If you do not intend to create any NFTs of your own you don´t need to create a profile via the portal. You will see a generated symbol for your Signum account at the top right and you are already ready to trade

Customizing Your Profile

If you want to contribute your art to the portal, you need to create a profile which is linked to your Signum account. After connecting your wallet and initializing your Signum account, go to the create profile page.

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Pinata Account

You need a Pinata account to be able to upload your NFTs to the IPFS (storage). Please follow the link on the page to open your Pinata account and create an API JWT token on their page which needs to be stored locally on your PC by pasting it into the JWT section. The token should have all rights to read and upload files to Pinata.

Pinata key creation
Pinata key creation
Copy paste the JWT token
Copy paste the JWT token

📣 You need to accept the Terms of Service to continue with your profile creation.

Personalize your profile

On the next page you can enter your data. As a minimum requirement , you need to add a twitter account to your social channels. All fields with a red star need to be added.

Enter your profile data
Enter your profile data
  • Username You can set a username of up to 32 characters
  • Bio Tell everyone about yourself with up to 384 characters
  • Official Website If you have a website to share, put it here.
  • Twitter username Add your twitter username here. You will need this later also for verification of your profile
  • Social Platforms Add up to 3 additional social platforms. We support the following:
    • Discord.
    • ArtStation.
    • Behance.
    • Devian.
    • Dribble.
    • Facebook.
    • Github.
    • Instagram.
    • Medium.
    • Pexels.
    • Pinterest.
    • Reddit.
    • Telegram.
    • TikTok.
    • Twitter.
    • Unsplash.
    • Youtube.
  • Profile Image This is your avatar. It will be uploaded to the Pinata Cloud when you select one. Recommended size is 300 x 300 pixels and the maximum size for the upload is 1 MB.
  • Profile Banner This is the background image of your artist profile page. It will be uplaoded to the Pinata Cloud when you select one. Recommended size is 1600 x 300 pixels and the maximum size for the upload is 10 MB.

With Review Profile, you can check your details before uploading them to the blockchain. Via the XT-Wallet you need to confirm the account update on the Signum blockchain. This transaction incurs a Signum Network fee of only 0.05 Signa. After 4 to 8 minutes, your profile will be stored/updated.

Updated 02 May 2022
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