Selling an NFT using an auction

If you are the owner of an NFT you can set the NFT for sale via the List NFT button

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Once you clicked on the List NFT, a pop-up open to set the auction parameters.

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  • Starting Price The starting price or floor price is the minimum offer a buyer has to create to be able to win the auction.
  • Buy now price This is an optional entry. A maximal price can be specified, if this is paid the auction ends and with this bid immediately.
  • End date The run time of tjhe auction on days. You can also set a customized end time.

Finally the XT Wallet will request to sign the listing (transaction).

👍 Good to know You can revert the listing as long as nobody send a bid to the contract for the auction. Just click again on the List button and click Not for sale. A new transaction will be send to the NFT.

Updated 03 Jul 2022
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