Buying an NFT via an auction

You can begin the process to buy a NFT via an auction from a few different areas on the site.

  • While looking at a single collection
  • While exploring all NFTs via the marketplace
  • While looking at an NFT directly

On the marketplace, you can filter by status "On Auction" for NFTs which are on sale via an auction.

Preview of a NFT on auction

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An NFT on auction shows you the following information in the preview:

  • If a "Buy Now" price exists, it is shown on the top with a green banner. In this example you buy the NFT direct with 10,000 Signa. If this amount is paid, the auction will end and ownership of the NFT will be transferred immediately.
  • The Current bid or floor price is showing on the bottom left. In this example the current bid is 500 Signa.
  • The Auction end time is shown on the bottom right. In this example, the auction will end in 4 days.

Updated 03 Jul 2022
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