Like an NFT

If you like an NFT, you can express your love by sending a "Like" to the NFT. This "Like" is a transaction on the blockchain and is added to the NFT and cannot be reversed once the transaction has been sent.

You can Like an NFT from two different areas on the site.

  • While exploring all NFTs via the marketplace
  • While looking at an NFT directly
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Once you clicked on the heart icon , a new pop-up will open to confirm the Like.

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If you click the Yes, Like NFT button, a final popup from the XT-Wallet will ask you to sign the transaction. It shows the associated network fee you need to pay to execute the Like. ( 0.32 Signa)

👍 Good to know User can sort the NFTs by Likes - to find the most beloved one on the marketplace or in a collection!

Updated 05 May 2022
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