Signum Ecosystem

The Signum ecosystem offers variety of projects and products developed by the community.

Where to buy SIGNA

  • BTDEX a DEX (decentralized exchange) where users retain full control over their funds.
  • CEXs (Centralized Exchanges):
  • WSIGNA wrapped SIGNA on BSC.


  • Phoenix, a allrounder wallet for desktop and mobile
  • BTDEX, a wallet for trading and mining (desktop online)
  • XT-Wallet the official browser extension for secure key storage and interaction with third-party web apps. Download is avaibale for all main browsers:


  • BTDEX a platform for trading smart tokens and execute cross chain trades P2P.

Games and Collections

  • Cryptoball a decentral lottery game similar to Powerball (USA)
  • Blockplay a collection of smart contract games


  • NFT portal a NFT platform/marketplace based on Signum smart contracts and IPFS as storage.

Blockchain Explorers


  • SignumJS a modern SDK written in Typescript providing common functionalities for browsers and nodejs to interact with the Blockchain, an advanced community-driven blockchain technology.
  • Signum SmartJ This project allows the user to write, debug, and deploy Signum smart contracts relying only on Java.

Updated 27 May 2022
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