Meet the primary Signum Wallets.

Phoenix Wallet

Phoenix is an open-source next-generation wallet application for the Signum blockchain platform.

Multi-language Support Blockchain is global and so is Phoenix. The wallet supports 28 languages.

Cross-Platform Take Phoenix with you anywhere: mobile, desktop, and web.

Available soon on App Store

Signum XT Wallet

The Signum XT Wallet is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet for the Signum blockchain as a Web Extension for your Browser. It is an easy-to-use browser extension wallet for interacting with the Signum ecosystem.

Easy Account Import Singum XT Wallet allows you to easily import accounts from other Signum wallets. It currently supports plain private keys and mnemonics. Multiple Accounts Signum XT Wallet lets you create, import and manage many accounts in one interface. DApps Support Signum XT Wallet is one of the first wallets for the Signum ecosystem that introduces DApps support.

Multi-language Support The Signum XT Wallet wallet supports 7 languages.

Available browsers:

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Even though BTDEX is a open-source decentralized exchange, this is also an All-in-one program, you can also manage your balance quickly. Smart Contracts BTDEX makes use of automated smart contracts to protect your funds and ensure buyer and seller protocols are followed. Unstoppable DEX No need for KYC (know your customer), name, ID, registry, address, or email. Decentralized, it is available in all jurisdictions with no central website or server to shut down.

Multi-language Support BTDEX wallet supports 11 languages.

Are you a developer creating a new wallet for Signum?

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Updated 23 May 2022
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